Flagrant Delit ep
Deaf´n Dumb Crew

There are 3 great discoid tunes on it and 1 electro-boogie. Chicayork contains
an amazing sax-loop and Flashback hits with its funky guitar. But the big thing on this disque is Tonite: a classic vocal disco burner!

Turn it up
Les Diamantaires

It´s not only the voice of godfather James Brown making this a funky party essential. Gonna party tonight is aswell nice track with some soul flavour and an outstanding bassline.

da funk
daft punk

As you already know: this relativly slow and monotone electro-piece really got funk in it. Listen also to my first daft punk contact Musique which brings you full effect with nearly no elements.

How to enter the TOP10

Just take your personal mart-shooter, aim your target and hit it hard. If scored right you will be rewarded with one of the old time favourites of funky french house.
If you missed dry your eyes, calm your hand and try again later - it´s worth it !


An often remixed classic since ´97 is Lil´fuck. Nothing beats the original version: "show me how you suckers ...". Néo Paris has a remarkable bassline and English lesson gets you back into school.

les brigades du tigre
Sexy Kool TM

With its funky guitar is the eye of the tiger remix french house par exellance. The love in tune round the disque with easy 116 bpm d´amour.

Le Cabaret
Stan de Mareuil

part.1 is a slightly monotone track which becomes so funky through his hypnotic bass. part. 2 adds a nice piano flavor which goes very well with the groove.


It´s not because of the vocal I´m the badest bitch or the exellent downbeat track Isobel with Björks voice-over getting this motorbass disque into the TOP10. Just get down with the Prince-puzzles in the getting wired Ezio.

ultimate funk
Bob Sinclar

What you see is what you get: the super funky breaks, the ultimate funk. Monsieur Sinclar serves us funk trés delicieuse. Added by a gopheresque mix and french couple sex scene.

Rollercoaster 80

As boring as the b-side tune is Rollercoaster 80 a monster-track. Loaded with funk and spiced with unusal breaks is it an alltime classic.

Theme of guts

Here comes 80s disco, the club mix including orgasmic organ vibes. Pardon me, but nothing beats the voice of the original groove.